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Are you a small business that is interested in joining the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce? You are certainly at the right place! Joining the Chamber as a small business is a relatively easy thing to do; simply submit the following form and continue on through the simple prompts after the form below. In order for a small business to join, the fee is just $299 per year (you can also gain a five-year and a lifetime membership at a substantial discounted rates). Please note, membership fees are non-refundable.

Keep in mind, all businesses that sign-up for the Chamber MUST have a DUNS number. If you do not have a DUNS number, you can go here to obtain one for free. It is also highly, highly recommended that you register your business with the federal government's System for Award Management registry; while it is not required to be a member of the Chamber, many of the benefits obtained through the Chamber do require it. If you are not already registered in SAM, you can go here to gain it for free. Remember, gaining a DUNS number and SAM are FREE; there are consulting companies that charge to help you set-up both, but you can also get free guidance for each here: Getting a DUNS or Getting Registered in SAM.

Before joining, or as a refresher after your company has joined, we recommend taking a look at the Perks of joining the Chamber -- they are quite spectacular, a far exceed typical Chambers of Commerce in terms of individual company development.

As a final note, if you are classified as an "Other Than Small Business" (OTSB), while you can not join the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce as a member, you are able to join as a Mentor. Contact us directly at to discover how you can be a Mentor!

If the form is not working for you, you can also contact directly.