purchasing/buying support...

Likely, most companies join the Chamber to gain access to opportunities from our larger entity associates (government agencies, major corporations, education institutions, etc). Indeed, those bigger entities are submitting opportunities to the Chamber everyday for us to find the proper small business to work with -- and we always utilize our member companies first and foremost (often completely exclusively).

At one time, we posted the opportunities for various companies to bid on, but this process proved inefficient and burdensome as either 1) Companies didn't respond or 2) The companies that responded were not qualified for the job. So, we now actively hunt down the proper companies once the solicitations are given to us. Typically, we gain 1-3 qualified companies within a week and negotiate a highly competitive price. Often, this allows for the savings in the millions for larger, purchasing entities.

But our bigger entities are not the only ones who can benefit from this service. We work with the small businesses as well in helping with their purchasing. So, while these small businesses are the targets for a lot of purchases, we can also help them save a lot of money as well. Small businesses have a tendency to underestimate these services -- thinking they don't purchase enough or they already have the best deal. As small businesses vary greatly in size (some having less than $100,000 in yearly sales, and some having over $50 million in sales), it wouldn't offer much benefit to say an average savings our members enjoy, but typically companies that utilize the solicitation services save around 12% off their yearly expenses. So, for many, this saves thousands of dollars a year.

Start the process by filling out the below form. Someone will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to go over the specifics. We cannot guarantee we will be able to save you any further money, and it is important to note, any purchase your company has done that is currently under contract, we cannot negotiate a different price point until that contract is expired (eg, if your business has a yearly phone bill plan, we cannot gain you a better deal until that year plan is up).

If the form is not working for you, you can also contact administrator@ussbchamber.org directly.