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   chamber mission

"Small Business is the Backbone of the US Economy..."
The common refrain of so many politicians, so many agencies, and so many people, and yet, small businesses -- while accounting for the vast majority of business entities -- still comprise the minority of sales revenue. While the Chamber may not be able to completely tilt the revenue in favor of small business, we work consistently in providing a wealth of programs and tools designed to truly help build small businesses.

Leveraging a combined potency of hundreds of businesses, and aligning with numerous government agencies and major corporations, the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce delivers actual results through:
1) A versatile and targeted marketing delivery portal.
2) Access to numerous opportunities for businesses across the country.
3) Simplified recruiting help to build the proper team.
4) A powerful e-commerce tool to deliver products around the globe.
5) Registration help to gain access to more opportunities.
6) In-Depth training and development programs from leading experts.

Unlike most Chambers of Commerce that are 501(c)(6), the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit that allows for individual benefits to companies -- working directly with them as opposed to advocating in general (although, make no mistake, the latter is still highly valuable). Where most Chambers deal with the macro, we are very much concerned with the micro.

   chamber history

On August 12th, 1996, the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce began operation out of Charleston, SC. The Chamber originally focused on government contracting opportunities for small business contractors as well as helping in financing for start-up corporations, mainly in cooperation with SBA branches. In 2003, the Chamber moved to the Greenville, SC area after the emergence of several business shifts due to the ICAR program from Clemson University. Over two thousand small businesses actively engaged with the Chamber, with hundreds of thousands utilizing its services at one point or another. The Department of Registration and the Department of Training formally developed in 2005.

In June 2011, the Chamber contracted a project with a software company to help in market research applications, and within three months the Department of Acquisitions officially opened.

By September 2011, the Chamber officially launches the Department Human Resources, aiming to provide affordable, effective hiring tools for small businesses ordinarily barred from high-cost job posting sites and recruiters.

In October of 2013, the publication organization known as FedGov.News developed -- working in cooperation with various major corporations to provide affordable marketing services to small businesses. Utilizing a distribution portal that allowed senior officials and buyers to share content with each other, FedGov.News was able to disseminate targeted, informed articles that promoted business for hundreds of companies. In its second year, companies working with FedGov.News had already accumulated over $2 billion in government contracts. In November of 2017, the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce merged with FedGov.News, absorbing its press release portal and developing the Department of Publications.

On January 5th, 2018, the Chamber began work on the Department of Trade -- an eCommerce business-to-business (and business-to-government) platform for selling of products across the country -- specifically designed to benefit small businesses, many of which of limited market areas.

   chamber careers

Currently None

board of directors  
T.G. Cattan
US Small Business Chamber of Commerce

Tayler Center
Department of Publications

Henry Allen
Department of Acquisitions

M. Andrew Center
Department of Human Resources

Brenda Linville
Department of Trade

Ardyce Alspach
Department of Registration

David Hutto
Department of Training

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