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WSI Provides Customized Visitor Sign-in Solution to the U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration

August 10th, 2018 - by Winning Solutions, Inc. | Share on:

Winning Solutions, Inc. (WSI) used the latest versions of Microsoft's powerful Access database creation environment to deliver a highly customized visitor sign in - sign out solution for the U.S. Department of Justice - Drug Enforcement Administration.

As with most WSI solutions the project was turned over with full source code allowing full transparency because the government can audit the code. The government may also modify the code or contract with a third party to do so. The system includes specialized advanced features such as non-disclosure contract execution with visitors, specialized functions for guards at the facility, a visitor assist mode that allows a guard to help visitors sign in and much more.

Common features include a simplified kiosk optimized user interface, ability for visitors to request help from within the system, contract management, matching visitors to scheduled visits, automated timeout, visitor picture capture, display all visitors currently signed in, list scheduled visitors not signed in, banned visitors list, sign in multiple visitors, search past or future visitors, ability to load scheduled visits from .csv file, and badge printing.

The system has no location, user, visitor count or other similar restrictions. WSI will add or remove functionality to create similar systems tailored to meet the exact needs of other government entities. For those who prefer an application built in a different programming environment WSI can deliver the agency required functionality using Microsoft .NET technology instead of Microsoft Access.

About Winning Solutions, Inc.
WSI is a custom database development shop. We work primarily with Microsoft technology. WSI handles small to large projects. Creation of new databases, upgrading old databases to new technology are things we work on every day.

Quick Contact:
Mark Steffen
W: www.winningsolutionsinc.com
P: 515-239-9900
E: msteffen@winningsolutionsinc.com

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