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If your entity is classified as an "Other Than Small Business" (OTSB), that does not mean the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is not interested in getting you involved. One of the most important aspects of the Chamber -- what makes it able to bring success for business -- is its connection to OTSBs. Whether you are a large corporation or a government agency or even a university or institution, we are ALWAYS interested in connecting with you. In collaborating with such organizations, we can expand our reach in helping small businesses all across the nation. If you are interested in becoming a Mentor, simply fill out the quick form below, and we will reach out to you in hopes of getting your organization up and running as a Mentor.

Below the form, you can see various benefits attached to being a Mentor; however, more in-depth information will be provided upon completion of the form, and any questions you might have will be answered.

If the form is not working for you, you can also contact administrator@ussbchamber.org directly.

   benefits of being a mentor

The goal and mission of the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is to help benefit and develop small business across the country; everything else is secondary to this mission. So, it must be noted that becoming a Mentor should primarily be about helping small businesses. While becoming a Mentor can provide great publicity and add some value-added programs -- described below -- our work is not directly focused on increasing awareness or profit for OTSB entities.

With that said, as mentioned, becoming a Mentor does provide some solid benefits to an OTSB including:

  1. Helping your OTSB meet its own small business set-aside requirements. Whether self-imposed or mandated, many organizations -- ranging from large corporations (notably large government contractors) to government agencies -- have set benchmarks earmarked to go toward small business. Particularly for large corporations, this can have a direct impact on their bottom line as certain opportunities will be unavailable to them unless partnered with a small business. The US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest connection portals in finding small businesses in the country -- whether through direct linking or visible information dispersal. The Chamber can effectively match your business with small businesses in virtually every industry, across the world, with specific set-asides like service-disabled veteran-owned, HUBZone, 8(a), and woman-owned readily available.

  2. Help your OTSB get valuable information out regarding its small business programs. While we will not advertise or market for your business in general, we will disperse messages of relevance to small business through our network. For instance, if your organization is holding an event or conference regarding small businesses, or it's developed a new tool or platform in working with small businesses, we can get it out easily to over 20,000 high-end small businesses. And much like with our Department of Publications, it is not direct mailing or a subscription channel; it utilizes the same techniques of "word-of-mouth, viral distribution" that gets people really focused on the content.

  3. Potential tax deduction.

  4. Limited use in our recruiting platform for your organization. Although small businesses to get priority, we do offer some aid in recruiting for OTSBs as well.

  5. All Mentors have standing invitations to any events that the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce puts on. These events can include conferences, expos, courses, and other social gatherings that can help introduce your entity to small businesses in-person, but also bring your organization together with other OTSBs for additionally networking potential.

  6. All Mentors get access to any special Chamber-negotiated discounts.

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