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21st Century Scientific Secures Small Order with Albuquerque VA Clinic

August 12th, 2015 - by 21st Century Scientific, Inc. | Share on:

The small Idaho-based contractor called 21st Century Scientific, Inc. was able to win an order with a VA hospital in Albuquerque, NM on August 12th, 2015. A relatively small order at $19,648.71, it was for a specialized product. While 21st Century is known more for its power wheelchairs, the special order was for two Bounder gurneys (prone carts) -- one manual, and one power.

These products give added mobility to in-patients not capable of being in a seated position during their stay at the hospital -- allowing them to have mobility in the laying position by self propelling, using a manual gurney with 24" drive wheels or through a joystick on a power gurney.

RD Davidson, COO of 21st Scientific, states, "We've been in the industry since 1978. We introduced our first wheelchair in 1989, and specialize in heavy-duty, off-road and bariatric power wheelchairs. We also build many custom niche products like, the Bounder gurneys."

21st Century Scientific, while often taking advantage of micro-purchases through the government's purchase card options, was able to secure the order through the Federal Supply Schedule which they were awarded back in 2007 (though, they held a previous schedule since back in the early 90's).

About 21st Century Scientific, Inc.
21st Century Scientific, Inc. has built quality products since 1979 with a focus on enhancing the lifestyle of the power wheelchair user. Whether a person is looking for high performance, extreme durability or all terrain capability, our goal is to provide a chair that allows people to stay active and enjoy life. We at 21st Century Scientific, Inc. focus on meeting the specific needs of each user. We do this by working closely with the dealer, therapist and user, as needed, while we custom fabricate each power chair.

Quick Contact:
RD Davidson
W: www.wheelchairs.com
P: 314-647-1888
E: 21st@wheelchairs.com

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