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Product-based companies can find huge advantages in utilizing e-commerce stores (indeed, with the advent of such online purchasing portals as Amazon and eBay, it's become something of a necessity to compete). However, simply posting goods on your website without having the traffic does little in the way of benefit, and merchant service fees on online purchasing can be a little higher than in-person sales. This doesn't even begin to address the problems faced by small business manufacturers without much sales experience or power behind them.

Although the Chamber would never claim to have the same level of traffic as some of the more well-known e-commerce portals, we can offer a viable alternative for small businesses looking to engage in business-to-business (or business-to-government) transactions as opposed to just business-to-consumer (though, that is an option still). Designed in a similar fashion to the Advantage Program of the General Services Administration, it does allow for more fluidity, less restrictions, and more availability without the stringent procedures of its government counterpart.

Click on the red headers to the right to navigate through various company's e-Stores, and gain access to some truly amazing deals.


Instant purchases can be done through the Chamber e-commerce portal, which makes for pain-free, fast money for your business. The Chamber takes care of the merchant service fees for you, so your business can gain a little more profit from each purchase. Your business determines shipping rates as we essentially "drop-ship" straight to you (getting you your money quick so that you can get the orders out fast).

With thousands of companies utilizing the purchasing portal, essentially every government agency, and numerous educational institutions -- as well as untold individual consumers -- utilizing the Chamber for your e-commerce needs is an excellent way of gaining traffic and prestige for your products.

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Everyone and anyone can purchase through the Department of Trade's e-commerce platform: individual consumers, large and small businesses, government entities, etc. However, in order to sell through the Chamber's Department of Trade, your business must be a member; thus, the way to full experience the benefits is to join. We are not-for-profit with other streams of revenue to fund us, so you can feel confident we're more interested in serving your business than taking a tremendous amount of money from you. As always, a year membership to the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce is just $199 and gives you company access to a full array of services that even for-profit corporations just cannot compete with. Click below to get started on bringing your small business to the next level...

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