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1stSeniorCare Awarded $11,044 Order with the US Department of Veteran Affairs

September 14th, 2015 - by 1stSeniorCare. | Share on:

The small woman-owned contractor called 1st Senior Care out of Oregon recently won a contract with the US Department of Veteran Affairs for $11,044. The order was for innovative wheelchair scale for the VA Mather Medical Center in Mather, CA.

"The scale is made of four portable pads. The wheelchair alone is moved onto the pads to get its weight without a client. That establishes the tare weight of that particular wheelchair, and it only has to be done once," said Carrie Tabor, president of 1stSeniorCare. "When a client needs to be weighed in that wheelchair, they are just wheeled onto the pad system and weighed. Subtracting the wheelchair's weight from that total number provides the client's weight," she said.

Tabor added, "There are some important advantages of this system:
1. It reduces skin sheer, which occurs with constantly moving a person from one surface to another.
2. It maintains the client's dignity; there are no more hoists or struggling to get weighed.
3. It reduces injuries to caregivers because less physical strength and strain are required.
4. The system is portable and lightweight and can be carried and used almost anywhere."

About 1st SeniorCare, LLC
1stSeniorCare strives to meet both the letter of the law and comply with the spirit which is embodied in this code. It is our contention that the caregiving community is best served by offering discount prices on electric scooters and power chairs as well as manual wheelchairs, wheelchair parts, patient home lifts, recliners with lift, and manual hospital bed retail. we have a GSA contract V797P2147D, and eagerly support the VA in their mission to care for those who have served.

Quick Contact:
Carrie Tabor
W: www.1stseniorcare.com
P: 866-822-7348
E: Carrie@1stSeniorCare.com

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