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NYC HRA Awards Two-Year Contract to CNC Consulting, Inc.

December 15th, 2016 - by CNC Consulting | Share on:

The NYC Human Resources Administration has awarded a 2 year, $1.7 million contract to CNC Consulting, Inc. (CNC). The contract extends, for an additional two years, the legacy system modernization project that CNC has been implementing since 2009.

The legacy system includes the following:

The New York State, Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) enacts the Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Act of 1981 (LIHEAA). It provides a one-time payment to home energy vendors when there is a threat or actual termination of heat related service.

NYCWAY is the "Workfare/Engagement" system which ensures that all adult Cash Assistance clients perform work or training as a condition for continued eligibility.

Enhanced Paperless Office/Food Stamps POS is the system adopted to facilitate the processing of client applications and undercare maintenance. The technology allows for the creation of an electronic case management folder along with the tools needed to image vital client document.

The Solution
• Develop system design specification.
• Develop and prepare document for the general design of solutions that meet system and security requirements, including the selection of alternative approaches.
• Develop specifications for databases, communication systems, hardware, network, security, storage and software configurations.
• Develop structured diagrams for the specifications of databases, communication systems, computer or storage area networks, security or network programs.
• Develop, compile, maintain and document configurations of the following: databases, servers, computers, security and network monitor systems, packaged programs, macros, utilities, and communication systems.
• Develop system documentation.
• Perform System Design/Coding.
• Develop guidelines and upgrade techniques of new operational procedures for the support of databases, hardware systems, operating systems software, network systems software, security and client server systems.
• Develop detailed systems operations designs.
• Perform System Design/Coding.
• Work with MIS staff (e.g. managers, senior programmers, support staff, product manager) to plan program code implementation, enhancements and changes.
• Create, test and maintain program code.
• Design reports, audit trails/logs, security mechanisms.
• Provide assistance to MIS technical support staff when they are unable to resolve a program, database, or IT issue by themselves.
• Occasionally contact customers as needed to clarify the intent of a new feature or resolve a problem.
• Provide general programming assistance to other MIS programmers/projects as needed.
• Perform Testing/Evaluation.
• Test programs and systems and integrate system modules.
• Develop, implement, and monitor information technology quality assurance standards.
• Document testing and QA methods.

About CNC Consulting, Inc.
Since 1995 CNC Consulting, Inc, ("CNC") has been a provider of strategic, cost effective and value added enterprise IT staff augmentation solutions on a time and material basis and project-based web application development solutions on a fixed cost basis to both government and commercial clients. CNC has been involved in legacy system modernization, maintenance and enhancements of newly implemented systems, systems rewrite, web application design and development. CNC strives to be a resource to help determine and prioritize our customers' business initiatives, and subsequently to provide the solutions that effects our clients success.

Throughout the years in the IT arena, CNC has gained broad technology and industry experience and has provided a number of staff augmentation personnel for a wide variety of both short and long term IT projects.

Quick Contact:
Andy Charlery
W: www.cncconsulting.com
P: 201-541-9121
E: acharlery@cncconsulting.com

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