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Avanti, an EDWOSB Environmental Consulting Firm awarded EPA National Aquatic Resource Surveys (NARS) Contract

December 20th, 2016 - by Avanti Corporation | Share on:

Avanti Corporation, an Alexandria-based woman-owned small business, is pleased to announce that it has received a 5-year, $31.8 million contract from EPA's Office of Wetlands, Oceans, and Watersheds (OWOW) to provide support for monitoring the health of the Nation's waters.

The contract scope covers EPA's work with state, tribal and federal partners to design and implement NARS. Avanti will support the design, sampling, analyses, and reporting of data collection efforts to characterize wetlands, lakes, rivers/streams, and coastal waters through 2021.

Avanti supported EPA's efforts to collect the initial data for coastal characterizations in the mid-1990's for the Gulf of Mexico under the Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP). According to Avanti President and CEO, Lynn Petrazzuolo, "This contract provides an opportunity to continue our support to EPA for assessment and protection of our Nation's waters. These activities have been part of our core capabilities since Avanti's start in 1990. We look forward to working with EPA to further this program that documents the health of our water resources and allows for protective actions to be taken where necessary."

About Avanti Corporation
Avanti Corporation provides earth protection services. We are an economically disadvantaged women-owned small business (EDWOSB) that has been supporting federal and state environmental programs since 1990. Our staff of engineers, scientists, analysts, and systems developers provide customized solutions for today's environmental protection and data management needs.

Quick Contact:
Charles Herrmann
W: www.avanticorporation.com
P: 703.765.0060
E: cherrmann@avanticorporation.com

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