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COGAR "Coins" PSO's for Heroic Life Saving Act on FPS South Florida Contract

July 31st, 2017 - by COGAR Group, Ltd. | Share on:

Two Protective Security Officers (PSO's) on COGAR's U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Protective Service (FPS) South Florida contract voluntarily responded to an alarming and appalling scene in front of the Social Security Administration building in which COGAR's PSO's reported for duty. A middle aged man attempted to set himself on fire by pouring gasoline on his body in front of the main entrance of the federal building. The two heroic officers, pictured, intervened risking their own safety and was able to stop the man from committing this act. Their courageous intentions saved a life while also continuing to provide protection and safety to the facility and its visitors. COGAR personnel were able to remove the hazards, decontaminate the subject, and notify emergency response, where the individual was later transported to a medical facility.

"This is an example of what our PSOs face on a daily basis while keeping our stakeholders safe and secure. Their actions saved a life. PSOs are the people who do what has to be done regardless of the consequences. Thanks to PSO Montes de Oca and PSO Berrios for their outstanding duty performance."

- FPS Region 4 COGAR Challenge Coin Final 2016 (FJP)PSO Berrios and PSO Montes De Oca were selected recipients of COGAR's Challenge Coin Award. This award is given with the highest honor for acts that go above and beyond the normal line of duty. On September 22, 2016, COGAR Corporate Officials, Wes Sturdivant, COO and Frank Polievka, VP of Operations, honorably awarded each PSO a COGAR Challenge coin, a certificate and a monetary gift. PSO's were individually "coined" with great honor for their life saving and heroic acts.

"How these PSO's responded that day, demonstrates how COGAR's training goes above what is required and proves the true strength of our security program - this was a proud moment for all of COGAR and our team of trainers who continue to make a positive difference on a daily basis." - Frank J. Polievka Jr., Vice President of Operations

COGAR is privileged to employ PSO's of high regards to training and quick response, who respect and value their community they work in. We challenge our PSO's to keep up the good work!

About Cogar Group, Ltd
COGAR has over 10 years of federal government contracting experience. Core capabilities are Professional Services (NAICS 541611, 541618, 561110, 561210, 561499) and Physical Security Services (NAICS 561612). The company maintains a Top Secret Facility Clearance and is classified as a SDVO & SDB firm. The company serves all Continental U.S. and Puerto Rico areas. Federal clients include Army, NGB, DoD, DHS, IRS, DOC, VA, and others.

Quick Contact:
Wesley E. Studivant
W: www.thecogargroup.com
P: 703-942-8118
E: wsturdivant@thecogargroup.com

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