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PathFinder Digital, LLC Delivers BAT-750 MVSAT Terminals for Army Prophet Program

January 25th, 2018 - by PathFinder Digital, LLC | Share on:

PathFinder Digital was awarded contract by General Dynamics Mission Systems for the delivery of new BAT-750 MVSAT terminals for integration and use on the US Army Prophet Program. PathFinder began supplying the Prophet Program MVSAT solutions in 2010 when it was asked to develop mobile ground system VSAT terminals that were Tri-band (Ku, Ka and X) for immediate deployment on the Trojan network as well as future deployment on WIN-T. The terminals had to be single-case flyaway solutions that could also be removed from the cases and mounted on M-ATV and Panther vehicles. Both .75M and a 1.2/1.4M systems were required. Additionally, an integrated and self-switching power supply capable of operating off of NATO DC vehicle and worldwide shore power was needed. And of course the system had to meet military specifications for efficient and reliable use under stressful conditions.

PathFinder delivered its BAT product line of which 300+ systems have been fielded and battle tested in Iraq and Afghanistan. PathFinder continues to support General Dynamics Mission Systems as the prime contractor on the US Army PM Prophet Program; Computer Science Corporation which supports the Program's reset functions; and SES Government Solutions/Americom Government Services which operates the Trojan Network. PathFinder's BAT product line is protected under US Patent # 8,867,986 B1.

About PathFinder Digital LLC
PathFinder specializes in the development of satellite communications solutions engineered to meet the unique and particular needs of each project, primarily for military and government agency programs. PathFinder identifies or develops the best solutions to meet the objectives of each set of communications requirements, including red/black architectures. PathFinder uses the best available products, re-engineered or developed if necessary, to create the most effective and cost beneficial communications solutions for its customers.

Quick Contact:
Roger McGarrahan
W: www.pathfinderdigital.net
P: 413-575-5631
E: rmcgarrahan@pathfinderdigital.net

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