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West Industries Awarded 3rd Option to Provide Monthly Service at Carl Vinson VA Medical Center, for Bathroom Deodorizing Drip Dispensers

August 28th, 2017 - by West Industries | Share on:

The General Services Administration (GSA) exercised the 3rd option of the contract to service existing Aerowest Deodorizing Dispensers every 28 days. This increases the contract to $9816.48.

The Standard for the Industry
Beginning with our original unit which was patented in 1905, the drip system has been the backbone of the restroom deodorizing business for over 100 years because it counteracts odours directly at their source, the urinals and toilets. The AeroWest System automatically dispenses fluids into the urinal and commode killing odours at their source and providing a light, pleasant fragrance throughout the restroom.

Because AeroWest maintains an even, pleasant fragrance level, restroom users are neither overpowered by too much "perfumed" air nor overwhelmed by unpleasant odours. The fragrance flows from the evaporation of the fluid from the toilet, urinal, and the dispenser.

About West Sanitation Services, Inc.
Established in 1883, West is a family owned company based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana that specializes in the development of odor control services. West develops its own exclusive line of proprietary odor control products. These products are serviced throughout the US by West Franchises and sold across the world through International Distributorships. The first West patent was awarded in 1905, West Sanitation continues extensive research and development to be at the cutting edge of today’s technology. As our product line grew beyond the restroom into hallways, elevators, lobbies, kitchens, and conference rooms, West Sanitation has evolved again as West Industries in 2014. West will make your RESTROOM your BEST room.

Quick Contact:
Ben Elder
W: www.westindustries.com
P: (225)284-7718
E: benelder@westindustries.com

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