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Iron Bath Works Taps GLOBAL Encasement for Navy Destroyer Coating Restoration Project

October 10th, 2017 - by Global Encasement, Inc. | Share on:

The Challenge:

Bath Iron Works was looking for a coating material to protect the lagging wrapped around the uptakes inside the super structure of this Navy Destroyer. The coating material must be able to move with the substrate without cracking, allow moisture build up to escape from the substrate and finally, waterproof the uptakes to protect the substrate from the salt air and elements.

Benefits Desired:

• GREEN and Super Compliant Zero VOC Coatings
• Class A Fire Rated
• Minimum Surface Preparation
• Seal and Waterproof the Surface without Trapping Moisture
• Non Toxic
• High Impact and Abuse-Resistant
• Fast Drying
• Flexibility to Withstand Extreme Vibration
• Long-Term Solution


Results: A Class A Fire Rated GLOBAL Encasement System was installed providing the U.S. Navy with a secure, highly impact-resistant, durable, long lasting solution. The system chosen includes our PrepLESS Primer™ with 4,000% elongation, GEI Seam Tape, and our waterproof AsbestoSafe® which allows vapor transmission.

The contractor was under pressure to complete this project and was able to apply PrepLESS Primer™ and AsbestoSafe® on the same day due to the quick dry time of the coatings.

About Global Encasement, Inc
GLOBAL Encasement, Inc. is a Pro Planet Positive Company, a manufacturer of high quality, fully tested and approved, Class A Fire Rated, award winning, environmentally friendly, non-toxic protective Green coatings for renewable/sustainable waterproofing, roofing and most interior and exterior building surfaces. We provide Global Warming/Climate Change Solutions. The products are also engineered, tested and approved to manage-in-place toxic and hazardous building materials such as Lead-Based Paint, Asbestos-Containing-Materials, Mold and Mildew. The products are so clean we have toxicological reports stating they can be applied in the presence of children and pregnant women. We have a proven track record with thousands of completed projects and satisfied customers.

Quick Contact:
John Ford
W: www.encasement.com
P: 800-266-3982
E: gck@encasement.com

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