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IRS Taps Exceed Resources, Inc. for Reporting System Conversion Project

September 5th, 2017 - by Exceed Resources, Inc. | Share on:

The Internal Revenue Services had engaged Exceed Resources, Inc. in an effective and rewarding learning experience with regards to its Appeals Business Unit. The IRS now wanted to convert its legacy reporting system to a modern reporting platform such as the Business Object Environment (BOE).

Exceed Resources, Inc. accepted this challenging contract and set about architecting the data stores and retrieval systems to lay the foundations of the new platform. It had to use its skills in SAP, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Programming, Stored Procs, and Linux scripts, database design and Universe design to develop a scalable and extendible reporting platform in SAP. It was fortunate to work with this IRS agency who was open to its innovations as long as it was able to back its designs with quantifiable Proof of Concepts.

Ms. Brenda Rebello, Exceed Resources' CEO, was impressed, and she congratulated the team on its success with this project. She said, "I am amazed that you were able to provide such large efficiencies to this program. Reducing report time form an average of 11 seconds to just 3 seconds is a tremendous effort."

The IRS PM, in her project evaluation stated, "Depite the many technical roadblocks that the contractor had to overcome to work within the prescribed infrastructure, all deliverables were met on time and within scope. Appeals has definitely been rewarded from having Exceeds as part of our contractor team. Thank you for your hard work and commitment to the customer."

About Exceed Resources Inc
Exceed Resources, Inc. is an (8)a certified Woman Owned Small business. Exceed specializes in Project Management, Customized Training, Testing, Content Management, Help desk, Technical Support, Software Development, Administrative and Clerical Services. What sets it apart is its quality processes - Consistency and repeat ability. As an ISO -2008 certified company, it strives to achieve superior quality every time in its performance and deliverable.

Quick Contact:
Brenda Rebello
W: www.exceed-resources.com
P: 732-329-2742
E: brenda@exceed-resources.com

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