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8(a)-Certified RMR Technology Gains Command Group Strategic Planning, Implementation and Operations Contract with Army PEO EIS

October 5th, 2017 - by RMR Technology Group | Share on:

Only after a few months of gaining their SBA 8(a) certification, the Virginia-based RMR Technology Group, LLC has gained its first official prime contract with the US government. RMR Technology Group gained the contract with the US Army Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems (PEO EIS), and it's valued currently at over $216,000 with options available to bring it to over $480,000.

"We're supporting PEO EIS Command Leadership including the Brigadier General (Promoted to 2 Star), COL Chief of Staff and Command Leadership," RMR Technology Group CEO Terrie Rollins states. "Our work includes Strategic Planning, Implementation, Operations, and Cyber Human Capital Management Workforce Requirements."

Terrie credits her company's stellar performance, but also the 8(a) certification she worked so hard to establish. "The government market, like any market, is highly competitive. You need any advantage you can get, so while we are one of the top companies in our industry, we are always looking to better place ourselves. I place our great services and expertise ahead of anything, but the 8(a) undoubtedly was a major benefit. The government arena can be an uphill battle at times with a lot of uncertainty, but ultimately, I believe this is the start of a successful growth trajectory for the company."

About Planate Management Group LLC
RMR Technology Group is a Federal SBA 8a and Multi-State Certified (VA, DC, MD & PA) woman and minority-owned small business providing an all-inclusive range of Workforce Solutions, Technology Strategy and

Organization Change Management Solutions to our Public and Private Sector Clients. We provide our clients with the technology, intelligence, and expertise needed to thrive in an increasingly complex workforce, technology and organizational regulatory environment.

Our PASSION is to help you identify the barriers, bridge the gaps and execute plans that empower employees to take advantage of innovative workforce designs, enabling technologies and organizational knowledge while remaining fully compliant.

Quick Contact:
Terri Rollins
W: www.rmrtechnologygroup.com
P: 703-346-0631
E: trollins@rmrtechnologygroup.com

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