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El Camino Medical Clinic EHR Awards Microsan Consultancy Services Ongoing Contract

November 13th, 2017 - by Microsan Consultancy Services, LLC | Share on:

The El Camino Medical Clinic EHR system is a fairly complicated Electronic Health Record. It includes the ability to track and manage patients and their various encounters. The system includes a comprehensive audit trail so administrative staff can view all access and edits to any part of the medical record. The EHR includes the ICD 10 database and integrates it into the SOAP note and encounters modules. The system includes administrative tools to manage users, roles, access, providers, codes and lists. There is also going to be a patient portal through which patients can view their details including the prescription, next visit etc.

Dr. Low from El Camino Med Group contacted Microsan Consultancy Services, LLC for overhauling the existing web application as it contained numerous errors in both functionality and conceptually. The California-based small business has taken over the project and, within just six months, has fixed 80% of bugs. The project is on-going and expected to be completed within the next one and half years. Once all the bugs are fixed, Microsan will be revamping the UI to make it compatible with mobile devices and devices with any resolution. Microsan will also be integrating payment gateways to the application, adding Patient portal as well and EDI and Messaging systems to it. This application is a very complicated HIPAA compliant Physician/Patient portal.

About Microsan Consultancy Services, LLC
Microsan Consultancy Services is an IT Staffing and Consulting, Software Development and Integration firm. It has highly experienced and qualified resources readily available for any software development / maintenance / QA project related work. All of its consultants have proven technical expertise and worked with numerous clients across US. Currently it has JAVA, .NET(SharePoint / Microsoft BI developers as well), QA Analysts, OAM Leads, Oracle developers etc readily available. It also develops software focusing primarily on Apps and Games development (iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile), application development using .NET, JAVA and web development using J2EE, PHP, HTML5, Microsoft Business Intelligence Suite etc. Microsan's team of developers are fully focused on delivering high quality software products to satisfy client requirements. It also has expertise in infrastructure implementation projects using Microsoft AD, Apache, RSA, All kind of LDAP etc to name a few. Microsan's in-depth knowledge of technology and its team experience in developing and testing enterprise systems is its key differentiation in its value proposition.

Quick Contact:
Vishnu Sivadas
W: www.microsanconsulting.com
P: 916-673-2137
E: info@microsanconsulting.com

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