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Veteran-Owned Priority 5 Holdings, Inc. Wins Contract from Department of Veterans' Affairs for Cloud-Based Crisis Information Management Software

January 18th, 2018 - by Priority 5 Holdings, Inc. | Share on:

Priority 5 Holdings, Inc. (PRIORITY 5), a provider of award-winning incident and emergency management software, announces that the Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded PRIORITY 5 a contract to provide a cloud-based crisis information management software solution to serve the Department's Office of Emergency Management and Resilience and the VA Integrated Operations Center. The solution will be provided in a software-as-a-service deployment, and includes a base period with renewal options.

The VA is a senior member of the Federal disaster response community, operates within the context of the National Incident Management System, and subscribes to the tenets of the Incident Command System. The Department's Integrated Operations Center regularly communicates and shares information with interagency partners, primarily FEMA, DHHS, DHS and other departments and agencies with responsibilities under the National Response Framework.

About Priority 5 Holdings, Inc.
Priority 5 is the creator and seller of operational readiness software, including situational awareness, decision support and command and control software solutions for operations applications. The two solutions it currently markets are (i) the Touch Assisted Command and Control System ("TACCS™") and (ii) CoreCCS™ (currently TACCS™-ISE on GSA Advantage). CoreCCS™ is a solution for incident and emergency management in a variety of applications, including those agencies utilizing National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. TACCS™ adds extensive modeling and simulation functions to CoreCCS™ to provide a unique range of operational capabilities, including consequence management. TACCS™ is used in multiple applications, including advanced emergency management, advanced incident management, security and maritime domain awareness. TACCS™ and CoreCCS™ each provide a unique and complete shared common operating picture and accompanying analytics.

Quick Contact:
Jim Belanger
W: www.priority5.com
P: 617-391-9503
E: jim@priority5.com

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